computer generated images
Ulf Enhörning My name is Ulf Enhörning which means Wolf Unicorn in Swedish. I am a traveling artist, musician, singer, composer, writer, programmer and inventor.

The images on this site were made by a computer program I invented and wrote. The program allows one to make complex patterns with very simple means.

The patterns can be either geometrically organized or random within set boundaries and anything inbetween. The properties of a visual object, like a circle, are varied. The user enters numbers representing values of properties such as width, height, x and y positions, rotation, radius, color and transparency. By duplicating a visual object and varying its properties through linear or non-linear functions, one is able to produce interesting images like the ones seen on this site.

The endless possibilities of producing images with computer code that otherwise would be next to impossible fascinates me. One is almost always surpised by the results. The images can be saved in a vector format allowing one to enlarge them to any size without loss of resolution. They deserve to be printed in a large format.